Having been involved in makeup and styling for nearly a decade,  Heather Heen has been a preferred choice for word of mouth weddings and special events well before Delish Makeup had been created.  Passionate in the creative arts, Heather attended the University of Hawaii and took business classes to supplement her degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising.

Widely known as the MAC bridal makeup artist, specializing in the balance between soft and edgy makeup looks, Heather keeps busy in her passion for makeup, hairstyling, and business.  Her experience in fashion makeup and love for photography, also makes her a favorite choice amongst fashion photographers for print and creative shoots.  Heather is in a very unique position as she splits time on the island of Oahu as well as Waimea, her hometown on the Big Island.  This allows her to accommodate brides on both islands with relative ease.  Her team is equally skilled, and she continues to find the best talent to aid her in her rapidly growing company.  Heather conveniently holds consultations either on-site or in the Bridal Boutique in Honolulu.

Delish has been featured in countless editorial and commercial projects through the years.  From film features in Americas Next Top Model with Tyra Banks to editorial work for Kane Magazine, KoOlina world advertisements and many more.  The Delish team also works hand in hand with local celebrities and pageant contestants for high profile functions and competitions.